How to use Candeliss Pearled Candles?

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If you want all the details on how to use Candeliss Pearl Candles, you can read them below.

How to use Candeliss wax pearls step by step

1. Pour the wax pearls into your favorite containers

Choose a heat-safe container you like, such as glass or ceramic. Fill your container with the wax pearls.

We recommend using a container at least 8 cm tall so that the flame is not smothered and the melted wax does not stick to the edges.

2. Shake the container

To make the pearls form a regular or flat surface in the container, you can gently shake the container.

Do it softly so that the pearls do not spill.

3. Cut the wick

At Candeliss, each pack of pearl candles includes a set of wicks that you can cut if the container is not very deep or use them whole if you prefer.

The length of the wick will determine how long the candle stays lit, and remember that as the wicks do not have a support, they are not intended to reach the bottom of the containers.

4. Place one or several wicks

Now it’s time to place the wicks. If you are going to place more than one, leave about 8 cm between them. This helps your candle burn well and safely.

We also recommend keeping a distance of about 5 centimeters from the edge of the container, this way the melted wax will not touch the container and you will avoid it sticking.

5. Add your favorite essential oils (Optional)

Add a few drops of essence around the wicks before lighting your candle. Choose the scents you like best or that best suit your mood.

When you light the candle, the heat will cause the oil to gently mix with the melted wax, releasing a very pleasant aroma and creating a cozy atmosphere tailored to you.

6. Light your candle and enjoy

It’s time to enjoy! Light the wick and relax.

Our pearls are made to burn cleanly so you can enjoy without worries.

7. Extinguish the candle correctly

When you’re done, you’ll need to extinguish the candle properly. Normally we blow out candles, but this can damage the wick and affect how well it lights on subsequent uses.

Thus, we recommend using a candle snuffer or a bell like the one shown in the photo.

8. Remove the consumed parts and start again

Once the candle has been extinguished and the melted wax has cooled, you can remove the remains in the form of a solid disk, which will be larger and wider depending on how long you leave the candle lit.

If you haven’t left enough distance from the wick to the edges of the container, it’s possible that some wax has stuck to the container. To get everything as good as new, you’ll need to clean with hot water.

Can the solidified pearls be reused? Yes!

Remove the excess

Allow the melted wax to cool until it becomes completely solid.

This way, you can remove the solidified part from the rest of the pearls.

Break the excess into small pieces

You can do this in many ways, but using your hands is sufficient.

Keep in mind that the candle will work better the smaller the pieces are.

Mix the pieces with the pearls

You can gently shake the bowl or container you used again so that the pieces are mixed among the pearls.

Reuse the wick

The wick can also be reused until it is completely consumed or until it becomes so small that you can no longer insert or push it into the pearls.

What to keep in mind when using Candeliss pearled candles

  • Use heat-resistant and fire-safe containers, such as ceramic, metal, glass…
  • Place the candle on stable surfaces, away from flammable materials.
  • If you’re using multiple wicks, maintain a distance of about 5 cm between them.
  • Do not leave lit candles unattended.
  • Do not move the candle while it is lit or when the wax is melted.
  • Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Use a candle snuffer or blow gently to extinguish it.
  • Store the pearls and wicks in a cool and dry place.


What exactly are pearled candles, and how do they differ from traditional candles?

Candeliss pearled candles are a decorative innovation, made of vegetable-based wax pearls that melt to create a warm and inviting light. Unlike traditional candles, they contain no paraffin and can be molded into any shape and size container, offering a customizable and eco-friendly experience.

How can I create my own candle with Candeliss pearls?

Creating your candle is easy: choose a heat-resistant container, pour in Candeliss wax pearls, insert the wick in the center, and light it to enjoy a soothing atmosphere. This process is not only simple but also allows you to be creative with your candle designs.

Can I add my own scents to Candeliss pearled candles?

Yes, you can personalize your pearled candles with your favorite fragrances. Before lighting the wick, add a few drops of essential oil directly to the pearls, and as they melt, they’ll release the scent and create a unique ambiance in your home.

Are Candeliss wax pearls eco-friendly and sustainable?

Absolutely. Our wax pearls are made with sustainable plant materials, meaning they are biodegradable, non-toxic, and more environmentally friendly compared to paraffin-based candles.

Are Candeliss candles safe to use at home and around children or pets?

Safety is a priority for Candeliss. Our pearled candles are safer than traditional candles as they self-extinguish if tipped over, making them a safer choice for homes with children and pets.

How can I clean and reuse the containers after using the pearled candles?

Once the pearls are used up and the container has cooled, cleaning your containers is easy. The remaining pearls can be removed, and the container can be washed with soap and water, ready to be reused for your next Candeliss candle.

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