Meet Sandra, head of Candeliss

“Join me on this journey through light, simplicity, and serenity. Here’s the story of Candeliss: a personal message straight from my heart, showing you the origin of our brand. I hope you like it.”

Sandra C. – Manager


New Beginnings

I pictured myself solving complex problems, leading major projects, and proving my worth. That job was more than an opportunity, and I was ready to dive into what promised to be a grand adventure. I was eager to begin.

Between cups of coffee, days began to blend together. I knew I could do it and was ready to give my all. Productivity apps piled up on my phone. My to-do list grew longer, and vacations had become a myth; my laptop had become another travel companion.


As Years Passed

Three years went by, and the eagerness to start had turned into apathy that began to cloud everything else. The emotions that once drove me to give my all had dimmed.

And even as I tried to recapture the energy of the early days, an inner voice sowed doubt. Was this the path and pace I wanted forever? Whether it was or not, I needed a break.


A Moment of Clarity

That afternoon, I swapped keys and screens for the blue horizon and the silent flicker of a candle. The sand between my fingers awakened my senses like a direct call to my consciousness. It anchored me. To the here and now.

The sunset took away that beautiful landscape, but the candle kept dancing slowly. A defiant light proving its worth. A flame that could break the darkness of the night, however small. And that’s how calm, serenity, and the beauty of simplicity brought Candeliss into my reality.

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